The center of the city - Discovering Siena

Siena is worldwide known for its medieval old city center, practically intact, which was declared UNESCO world heritage site in 1995. This city of unique charm which evolves in its medieval small streets – immensely enjoyable to walk – is a real open-air museum rich in works of art, monuments and museums.

The Piazza del Campo and the Palazzo Comunale (the Town Hall) are its beating heart. In particular, the shell-shaped main square is the true center of the town where all the streets, from each ancient city entrance, flow. Another absolutely essential place of Siena is its wonderful Duomo, one of the most famous example of Gothic architecture in Italy. Its marble floors, uncovered just in few moments during the year is an authentic masterpiece!

In addition to the several museums and monuments, the beauty of Siena consists of its twisted old streets which lead from a fountain to a city entrance door, from a Contrada (district) to a monument.
Walk around savoring the atmosphere of the city is surely the best way to enjoy your own time in Siena! The location of our Bed & Breakfast – just few steps far from the church of San Domenico – will let you leave on foot to explore the historical center of our so beautiful town.